Cora-Caine Adhesive

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1-  1 oz Tube –  36 – 4 oz tubes

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Cora-Caine – Denture Pain-Relieving Adhesive Ointment is a pain-relieving dental analgesic adhesive ointment for new or intermediate dentures. The active ingredient is Benzocaine 16%. Cora-Caine provides immediate relief and a secure fit by soothing tender ridges and relieving the discomfort of sore spots. Acting as a gel-like cushion between the denture and the tissue, Cora-Caine is applied directly onto the denture to provide positive retention and enhance stability. No smell or aftertaste. Remains effective up to 24 hours. Pink in colorCora-Caine is a great product to include in a new denture kit and is accepted by The Council on Dental Therapeutics and The American Dental Association.Do not use Cora-Caine for patients who have a history of allergy to local anesthetics such as procaine, butacaine, or other “-caine” anesthetics.